Client Spotlight: Lauren Dye-Netti

Adding 20 pounds to a back squat.

Running a new marathon personal record.

Decreasing body fat by 5%.

These goals are definite measures of success for most people.

For Steelworks Strength Systems’ client, Lauren Dye Netti, success is more of a feeling.

 “When I am able to move about my world with more ease, handle my back injury issues, and play with my dog, nieces, and nephews, that’s success.    I want to have the ability to connect with my world and show up with it.”

Chronic low back pain had plagued Lauren for over a decade.  

Finding a consistent training routine that spared her back and kept her engaged was hard, though.

She tried the traditional gym workouts by herself.  That more often than not, left her in more pain.

Yoga was enjoyable, but it did not help her develop the full body strength and lean muscle she wanted.

Running…man, running.  Hated it!

Jujitsu was promising.  Lauren loved the puzzle-solving nature of the activity and found the workouts to be challenging and the strength gains transferrable to her life.  

The intensity of the training, however, left her feeling constantly beat up.

What to do, what to do, what to do?

Frequently walking around the neighborhood brought her around Steelworks.

It seemed different and fun, she thought.

After some good feedback from a friend and participating in their Girard Street Festival Airbike challenge, Lauren decided to give things a whirl.

Given her lack of confidence in how to move well and her back injury, she started off with personal training.  “I asked very candid questions around back pain and the coaching staff was able to answer my questions succinctly about how that would be woven into the program.  I truly felt my needs were heard,” said Dye-Netti.

After a handful of sessions, she was noticing improvements.  The pain in her lower back which would wake her up in the middle of the night started to dissipate.  She felt more stable and grounded through the series of lateral movements and weighted carries her assessment revealed that she needed.  

Transitioning to group classes, Lauren continued to see progress thanks to the nature of the program and the knowledge of the Steelworks coaching staff.  Her body fat dropped, her lean muscle mass increased, and her back pain continued to decrease.

As previously mentioned, working out was never something Lauren looked forward to doing.  However, at Steelworks Strength Systems it was a totally different experience.

“The vibe at Steelworks is fun, positive, encouraging, playful, and very inclusive.  I can workout next to people from all sorts of athletic backgrounds.”

Lauren feels more deeply connected with her physical world thanks to training at Steelworks, too.  “I’m taking out trash, holding back my dog, and carrying in groceries without pain.  Most importantly, I’m sleeping so much better now.”