Commitment Needs Enjoyment


No matter your stage in the journey, I’d like to share a simple message with you: 

Commitment without enjoyment will be short lived.

Let me use improving your health and fitness as an example.

The biggest factor in determining your success in transforming your mind and body is consistency.  Showing up day in and day out for yourself. Taking care of both the large and small details of the process.  

This takes energy and it takes commitment.  

Now, you might be hesitant to take that leap into the void and really invest in yourself.  

But ask yourself “why am I hesitant?”

Have you made promises with yourself before and couldn’t keep them?  Had you signed up for fitness challenges or contests in the past, but didn’t see them through to the end?  Did you get yourself a membership to a traditional gym only to go once a week for months on end?

Often times when we make commitments to ourselves, we force ourselves to change behavior.  

But what happens when that behavior isn’t enjoyable?  

Change is hard and cementing new habits is even harder.

The trick to making commitments last is ensuring you see them not as obligations, but as adventures.  

Especially when it comes to a fitness routine.  

Keeping excitement and variability in your program keeps you engaged and staying engaged keeps you committed.  

Our programs here at Steelworks Strength Systems weave the threads of structure and change perfectly.  

We create four week blocks of programming for you to experience a variety of movements that can help move you towards your goals.  You’ll see that parts of that program repeat weekly throughout the block, giving you time to practice and become familiar with new ways of moving.  However, you’ll also see other sections of a day’s training shift from week to week, as in our Conditioning sessions where you won’t see the same cardio session twice!  

Taken together this structured flexibility is the secret to how people come to love training with us and stay committed to their goals.

With a results-driven and engaging program here at Steelworks Strength Systems, you’ll be able to honor the commitment you made to yourself and discover just how strong, healthy, and happy you can be!

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