Steelwork’s Client Spotlight: Melvin Powell


When he isn’t busy creating fantastic social events through his company, Black Soul Summer, you can find Melvin Powell hard at work here at Steelworks Strength Systems.

The results?  Returning to his body weight when he was 18. Achieving a handstand pushup. Suffering few injuries while training. Less days out of work because of illness. Being more physically ready for a job that requires a lot of physical labor.

But how did Melvin get there?

It all started with some good old frustration.  

After graduating college, Melvin was trying to stay consistent with going to the gym.  Struggling to figure things out on his own and getting bored with doing the same routine over and over again, inconsistency became consistent.  

It was time for a change.

After a search for a new place to resume his fitness journey, Melvin stumbled upon Steelworks.   Living in Brewerytown, he liked that it was close to home, but what really stood out was the system of training that was in place.  The workouts were varied and appeared to offer a good mix of training in such a waythat he wouldn’t have to do any extra work outside of the program to help him reach his goals.

Flash forward almost 6 years later and Melvin’s overall health is fantastic.  “I get to function at a high level.  Not a lot of things shock me physically anymore.  Being mobile, feeling good is important.”  

A powerful motivator to remain consistent for Melvin was his reconceptualization of what the gym was.  “I stopped thinking of it as a gym membership and considered it as healthcare.”

That mindset gets him out of bed in the morning and anchors his day with positivity.  It’s a mindset that he notices other members of Steelworks possess.  “Having other people around me keeps me motivated.  I appreciate Steelworks!”