How to crush nightly sweet-tooth cravings


If you have a problem with controlling your sweet tooth in the evening, this post is for you!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a little tasty treat after dinner every once and a while.

However, I’m not crushing pints of ice cream every night!

You already know the old saying “you can’t out train a bad diet” is true.  Nutrition has a massive impact on body composition and athletic performance.

Despite knowing this, you still struggle to control those cravings at night.

Understand that all behavior is a means to solve some kind of problem be it emotional, physical, or social.  Every choice you make has a purpose behind it.  

To create an effective action plan for your situation, you need to find out what problem your sugar craving is trying to solve.

Changing a behavior without understanding its root cause will allow that behavior to rear it’s head again.

Keeping a journal of what you eat and how you feel throughout the day is a great starting point.

By recording what you eat and how you feel, you’ll have data that is both objective and subjective to help you discover trends earlier in the day that impact your behavior later in the evening.

For example, you crush a well balanced breakfast everyday (adequate protein, veggies, starches, fats).  You notice however, that lunch never seems to happen.  You get sucked into meetings midday and tasked with more work with short deadlines and just don’t have the time to stop and eat lunch.  

Perhaps, you are trying to lose excess body fat and find yourself reducing the sizes of your meals and cutting out all carbs.  One side effect, however, of cutting out all carbs for some people is the reduction in glucose for brain function.  Our brains account for around 2% of our bodyweight, but consume nearly 20% of all glucose-derived energy.  You ever experienced brain fog, that feeling of unclear thinking and lethargy?  You might be carbohydrate starved.

Your journal might also reveal that your home environment is not setting you up for success.  Plates of candy and cookies are left out in the open for snacking and makes it easy to walk into the kitchen and mindlessly grab a sweet treat here and a sweet treat there.  

With the right awareness around where your energy goes throughout the day, your daily meal composition, and how your work and home environment are structured you will have a better understanding of where to direct your habit change efforts!

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