By far the weakest link in my weightlifting game, the split jerk eludes me like Ahab’s “White Whale.”
My overhead mobility could be better (my shoulders’ natural resting position has slight internal rotation). I also have a tendency for my back foot to hit slightly after my front door connects with the ground. A work in progress… After yesterday’s PR at 250#, I have reached a couple of conclusions:

1. Increasing volume of handstand push-ups appears to have some carry over to jerk capacity.
2. Squatting with no belt for the past three months has helped me develop an understanding of how to generate lots of core tension.
3. Long running, rowing, other cyclical aerobic work done at an EASY pace does NOT reduce your strength. We have been doing lots of the aforementioned aerobic work over the summer and strength numbers have been skyrocketing.
4. Lifting to Huey Lewis and the News = PRs.

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